What is the difference between a Farm holiday and a B&B stay at Nordgården?

A farm holiday can only be booked with an activity - a farm holiday is only offered in some seasons. You can always see when under availability in our booking system.

A B&B stay at Nordgården is accommodation in a holiday apartment without activities on the farm, with the option of buying an additional breakfast.

When is the farm holiday season?

You can book a farm holiday during the school holidays as well as all days in the period from Whitsun to August - note that some periods have special intervals.

Summer holidays week 26-31 choose 3 or 6 nights - check in Sunday and Wednesday

Autumn holiday 3 nights check in Monday and Thursday

Easter holiday 3 nights check in Sunday and Friday

Christmas themed weekends 2 nights check in Friday

Farm holiday outside these periods, you can freely choose the day of arrival. However, you must always book min. 2 nights.

If you have special wishes outside of the season, contact Sarah.

When can you book B&B?

B&B stays can be booked all year round, especially during the school holidays - you can see the options in the booking form under availability.

What are the payment deadlines?

1st installment - When booking, 30% of the entire stay is paid

2nd installment is paid/deducted 2 months before the stay

If you book less than 2 months before the stay, the entire stay is paid for when booking.

Do I have to bring my own bed linen?

Unless you book a linen package, you must bring your own bed linen and towels

Arrival and departure

When must you arrive at Nordgården?

Please respect our arrival time from 15

We are a small private accommodation and Nordgården is our home and workplace. The scant time between stays is spent getting the farm ready for the new guest teams. So to be able to meet you with a smile on our face, we would like to have peace of mind to prepare the farm and our apartments for you without disturbances. If you arrive too early, drive if necessary. a trip out of the way to the fjord and enjoy yourself at Skuldelev beach.

When should we check out?

You must check out of your apartment no later than 10 on departure on the day - but you are welcome to stay on the farm and eat your lunch in the garden or the common room - the farm must, however, be left no later than 12

Can I get to Nordgården by public transport?

You can easily get to Nordgården without a car. Take the S-train or bus to Frederikssund st. from here you take bus 318 towards Skibby and get off in Skuldelev by the Church. From here you have a short walk of 300m to the farm.

Other subjects

Can you bring a dog to Nordgården?

It is only possible to bring a dog into one of our apartments (Vognporten) provided that it does not stay in our garden and is always on a leash on our property. It must never be left alone in the apartment. Dogs can only be brought by agreement with Sarah. There is an additional fee for dogs.

Can you visit the animals at Nordgården yourself?

You may only go in to the animals in the field when you are with Sarah. The only exception is with the rabbits - you can pet them together with an adult or alone if you are big or experienced enough - in Sarah's opinion.

Can you charge your electric car at Nordgården?

We do not yet have charging stations for electric cars. But our garage in the city (400m from the farm) has 2 charging stations that you can use.

Can you ride more than the included pony ride?

Yes, you can book a trip out into nature for an extra payment - the range is limited, however, as we only have two Icelandic horses on the farm. It is possible to book extra riding: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

We have two offers for extra riding, price DKK 350 per hour

1) Out in nature - experienced rider approx. 1½ hours. incl. It is only possible for us to have one guest on the tour at a time.

2) Trekking out into nature approx. 1 hour. Here, a group of children can share a ride in shifts - the ride is approx. 5 km and takes place only in steps Here we can take 2 horses with us on a trip at a time

Contact Sarah for the options.